GuyGetsGirl – A Comprehensive Look at This Dating and Seduction Manual

If you have the hots for a girl for ages but haven’t been able to say it to her yet, then GuyGetsGirl is just what you need. This eBook is a detailed guide on how to get women written by Tiffany Taylor. As it has been written by a woman, you can expect to learn some secret women likings and fetish. Also, men can finally understand how women’s’ minds function and plan their moves accordingly.

GuyGetsGirl is 63 pages long and is a little chaotic in its organisation of topics. Nevertheless, it does provide handy tips for men. It comes in three stage-New, Intermediate and Advanced. It focuses on the small little things which go a long way in wooing a girl. Tiffany Taylor writes about the importance of body language, posture and conversational skills- all of which might sound petty and worthless but actually are very important. It is these features that speak volumes about your personality.

Another very important thing is your confidence. GuyGetsGirl speaks extensively about having the right attitude and bent of mind in the dating game. You have to believe that you are worth the girl you are chasing. Once that happens, you will find that everything else becomes easy. Don’t try to be perfect, that’s too pretentious. Just be confident and smooth.

While you are trying to woo a girl, you have to able to understand the hidden meaning behind her actions. She might say something and mean something completely different. In the eBook GuyGetsGirl, Taylor give s a lot of tips to men to read between the lines and try and figure out the inner psychology of a female mind.

Finally, it’s not just outward behaviour that is going to get your girls. You have to truly respect them and care for them and that will automatically show in your demeanour!

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