The Law Of Attraction In Your Dating And Courtship

The law of attraction state that you attract into your life, opportunities and situations that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

The law of attraction has been taught, learned, discussed and practiced since the period of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. It is still as relevant today as it was then. It is both believed and vilified by people as true and as untrue.

One implication of this law is that everything you have or lack in life has been attracted to you by your thoughts. Both from the scriptures and other sources, we learn, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Our personal experiences show for example that each that we are troubled or anxious, the more fearful or evil thoughts that pass through our mind, the more unhappy we become.

This position is weighty in the sense that so many things pass through our mind every moment of the day. Some of them are beautiful thoughts, others are ugly thoughts.

Some are wicked thoughts, fearful thoughts and some of the times, thoughts of courage, thoughts of love and peace.

Another implication of this law is that you can change your present circumstance by changing the way you think. If your dominant thoughts have been thoughts of wickedness and fear, you can change those to thoughts of love and courage.

The law of attraction work in relationships as it does in other situations of life. Dating, courtship and marriage relationships will grow, be stunted, diminish or disintegrate according to the dominant thought of those involved. People in relationships wishes their relationships is flowing, growing and glowing. However, the real result that would be obtained would not be determined by the wishes but by the dominant thought. There is a popular saying in personal development which describes the situation here. It is that while people wish positive, they end up thinking negative.

Many meet a potential date or spouse and the desire for a joyful relationship is aroused. However, fear of losing out sets in. As this fear of losing out dominates your thinking, you create a thought form that is broadcast all over the atmosphere announcing that what you really want is to lose out in this game. As a man thinketh, begins to manifest.

We may blame our relationship woes on the other person or a list of one thousand other reasons or circumstances. The truth is that the result we got is the one we told our mind that we wanted through our thinking. We create what happens to us by the way we think.

How To Use This Law – Analyze your current relationship status or condition and see how it agrees with the way you are thinking. Take credit and responsibility for the result, whether good or bad. Decide what you are going to do about it. Look into your life and ask what is in me that is the root of my current results. Presume as a principle that you are the architect of your own life and destiny. Identify and write what changes you need to make in your thinking for the change or improvement you want in your life. Start thinking along that line.

Good luck.

3 Essential Tips to Successful Dating and Seduction

I would like to say that I understand how big a thing it is to admit the need to overcome the fear of meeting or dating a woman. For whatever reason you are here now, I respect your courage. It is known that for a lot of men, the fear of rejection has a massive impact on their courage and ability to successfully meet or date a woman, this fear can certainly be beaten and it is quite simple to achieve. I don’t want it to hurt too much! But please think back to when you were rejected by a girl, ok, well you survived right?

You got over that and then you met other people. The thing to note here, is that you moved on, as a result of that rejection you then met someone else! This was positive, you now potentially will meet someone who will be right for you because the girl who rejected you was not. Stay positive! Now, being aware of the tactics and methods involved in successful seduction, will give you a great advantage over others and helps you to be confident, in all sorts of situations.

Imagine you are out with friends and you get talking to a girl you like, you get on well, she talks nicely to you but she is not responding to any flirty signs of yours, now, she will know that you have chosen and like her, therefore it gives her a sense of importance.

You can turn this situation completely to your advantage with the following:

3 wonderful tips for your seduction success.

Use strong eye contact when talking to any other girl. When chatting with your target female, look away toward another girl, and smile before looking back at your target. This rams home a sense of competition into her subconscious mind and immediately makes her fight for your attention.

Casually make contact with her friends more than her. Touch her friends to get their attention or when laughing and joking, it seems cruel I know but it works, your girl will be fighting back to have you laugh with her.

When sitting or standing, talking as a group. Face more (as in, the direction of your head and body) in the direction of one of her friends more than her. Again, using this deflection method will test your girl’s ego and therefore make her want you more!

This is just one of many tactics you can use to boost your pick-up game, there are many more you should learn, they are good fun and will maximize your success with the opposite sex, and you can be the guy that gets the girl!

Teen Dating and Sexuality: Top Ten Tips for Teens to Have More Fun and Date Safely

1. Define who you are and where you’re at: Knowing yourself first is very important. Who are you as a person? What are your interests? Do you want a relationship? Are you available for a relationship or are you still licking your wounds from a bad breakup or having your heart broken? Are you a hopeless romantic, a cynic, or a realist? Answering these questions can get you off to a good start.

2. Focus on taking care of your needs: Make sure to take care of the basics, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, having fun, affection, keeping clean, having healthy friends to socialize with. Taking care of you makes you much desirable to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Ask yourself what are you looking for in a relationship What type of person do you most enjoy spending time with? Are you a hopeless romantic, What are some qualities that you are looking for? Do you enjoy talking? Are you more of an activity person, where you like to plan dates? Or do you like to stay home, play games, or watch TV and a movie.

4. Find safe places to meet people: Try joining activities, clubs, and organizations where you can share common interests with people. For example, if you love horses, or horseback riding, find a local place that offers teen trips, etc. Of course, there are other school clubs, such as the school newspaper, that offer opportunities for you to participate together. Although the internet can be fun, it’s not always the safest way to meet people if you are planning to get together in person. Also, don’t give out personal digits such as phone number to a person you don’t know.

5. Try meeting a variety of people and getting to know them before choosing one person to be serious with. This will avoid serial dating, breakups, and drama at school. I would not recommend going out exclusively with the first person who expresses an interest in you, or the first person you are attracted to. If you are more selective to begin with, you are more likely to have a happy and successful relationship.

6. Set Boundaries for sexuality so you can relax, have fun, and avoid bad situations. Focus on what you will or won’t do sexually with your boyfriend or girlfriend once you have established that you are going to go out with them. If you are absolutely certain that you want a purely social relationship, and not sexual, then let the person know that you like to spend time with them, but that you do not want a physical or sexual relationship. If you like someone, but want to let them know that you are not “after them” for sex, then let them know that you really like and respect them, and that you would just like to get to know them as a person. If you want to stick to kissing or hugging, then say that you like to kiss and hug, but that’s all, so you would appreciate the other person respecting that. If you want to go further sexually, then try to be as clear as you can about what you will and won’t do, what you do or don’t like, and what is absolutely out of the question for you. That keeps the guesswork out of things and avoids unwanted advances.

7. Make safety your top priority. Try to engage in only those dates or activities that you consider safer. Since you and everyone else are mortal, it is important to take care of your safety so that you can be around to enjoy life! Reckless driving, mindless sexual behavior. Drinking, and drugging are all examples of unsafe behavior. Educate yourself about safety in and out of the bedroom. There are plenty of activities to enjoy without putting yourself at risk. The Planned Parenthood website is a good one for other information and safer sex practices:

8. Communicate from the heart and mind: You can talk about safer things first with a new person, such as what types of music and movies you like, what kind of computer you have, your iPod, or your other interests. Try not to tell your life story on a person, or let them dump it on you. Later, once you feel safe to be more open, communicate what you think about that person, and how you feel, once you know that there is some trust there. If it is hard for you to do in person, write down some thoughts and say them to the person on the phone, or write to them via IM or e-mail. You can also send a card, a letter, or an e-card. One website to send free e-cards is

9. Be willing to walk away. Decide what your deal-breakers are. Some examples may be cheating, beating, drinking, drugging, or criminal activity. If these behaviors are unacceptable to you in yourself and others, then decide to walk away from those people and situations. This may be the hardest thing to do if you like someone, and want to be liked, but be sure that you will find new and better friends. You can’t control other people, only yourself.

10. Be yourself! Don’t put up a front, be find out what really is fun and exciting for you. And go for it! If you find that you are not interested in anything, are confused, or very unhappy (if to you life sucks), you may need some help or guidance. Try to find a school counselor to talk with, or ask your parents to help you find a counselor to talk with. After all, you have the right to be a happy person! Of course, everyone has bad days, and if its just a bad day or a bad week, then do what you can to make things better, and hopefully they will be!